Hijabnya #Wanitahebat

We believe that every women is amazing. She can doing more than one job or being more than one role. That is what men can't do for sure. We fully support women to do her best in every role in life. 
PRIM a formal style
Business is most likely a men world. But women also has chance to step up. This kind of work needs an outfit that not only formal style of fashion but also cool material which can bring comfort.
However busy a women with her jobs, she still has a family to take care of. Being a housewife is not an option, but it is a must. Stay comfort and bold while doing it.
Child is a wonderful gift from Allah Subhanahuwataa'la. Being a mother is a fulltime job. 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Stay comfort and georgous even if she stays at home. 
Take a break from daily routines. Stress is everywhere. Give herself a time to relax by doing a hobby. Stay comfort and calm while she rest from the world. A friend is a vitamin. Take a right dosis then you are fully charged. A little short conversation can means a lot. 

with a good quality material, Luma Dawa tries the best to make her comfort to do all activities since she wakes up every morning till the night comes.
because every woman is #wanitahebat