Tolga Dress

What We Stand For


We fully support women to do her best in every role in life. We believe that every women is amazing. She can doing more than one job or being more than one role. That is what men can't do for sure. 

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Choose Your Occasion

Pick the right outfit for your occasion is a good start for shining your day. An elegant Dress with simple hijab or a gorgeous tunic with a comfy culottes. The right outfit brings the best of you.

We Serve YOU

In every great piece of works, there are always a great team support. We are trying our best to deliver excellent services. You are the only reason for our hardwork. Your big smile when you opened a package from Luma Dawa, is more than enough to make us sleep tightly in the night. We are delighted to make every women wear hijab. We fully support every women for being everything in her world.

Dont hesistate to wear Luma Dawa. It is our duty to make sure every product is well produced.